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Mayro - v1.3

Google Material Design & PWA ready Theme for Question2Answer ( Q2A ).

Screenshots, Installation, is available in previous question.

This is the last feature update.

No new major updates will come after this update. But bug fix update will come.
Because I am going to make a pro version of the Myra theme, which will be paid.

I am a student, I created this theme to earn some money to host my website.

But with free theme I do not receive any donations, so I think of making a paid version.

Mayro Pro will have

  • dark mode,
  • nice animation,
  • pwa complete support with service workers
  • and many more...


This free theme is created with ❤️ by Momin Raza

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Q2A version: v1.8.5
How to solve core web vitals ?
All the same I can't choose in the admin panel on the computer, not everything is displayed, This is better than paid themes you could choose a different payment method, I'm sure for this , will sacrifice, this is better than paid themes, the more dying the system, think about it, with respect
Thanks for the link!

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Mayro Theme Dark Mode

anybody excited for this

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I can help you but it is matter of sorrow that PayPal is not supported in our country.