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Is there a way to get the Answer url (maybe the first answer) if we know the postid of the question? For example, $question is the postid of the question, can I use function qa_q_path_html to get the answer url?
Q2A version: 1.8.5
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The DB query isn't that complicated. Something along the lines of this should give you the ID of the first answer to the question with the given ID:

SELECT postid FROM qa_posts WHERE parentid = $question ORDER BY created LIMIT 1;

Also, how about giving us more just a couple hours before you decide that nobody cares?

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An alternative: Create an anchor like <a name="jump"></a> near the area of answers you want to move. A link like yoursite.com/12345/this-is-a-question#jump will jump to that section.

Isn't it already there with jump being the answerid?
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Can't get the answerid with just questionid. We have to do a MysQL query to get its child posts.  So too complicated for a simple purpose.

Ah, I know that you mean the so-called "qa-q-item-what" link. Since I list "questions" only, not "questions and answers". So there is no 'qa-q-item-what' answer link.

I'm trying to create a button that functions like that kind of link.