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I made a plugin that converts @username tags to buddypress profile links; it doesn't seem to integrate fully, but I'm working on it; my next project is to post new questions and answer to the buddypress activity feed, now that I know how:

                    'action' => $action,
                    'content' => $content,
                    'primary_link' => $activity_url,
                    'component' => $component,
                    'type' => $type,
                    'user_id' => $user_id,
                    'item_id' => $item_id

Just wondering if there is anyone interested in these sort of plugins.  If so, I'll post them here.
Is it safe to upgrade to buddy press 2.0 ?

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Well, anyway, here it is:


Currently it does the following:

1. convert @username mentions to Buddypress profile links

2. add questions, answers and comments to the activity feed.

3. optionally replace usernames with display names

4. optionally show bp profile fields in q2a profile tab

UPDATE: Added 3 and 4 above
Nice, i think i will use it in future.
Thanks a lot. I am going to use it now
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Is it possible to integrate in such a way that buddypress members and users at question2answer.org have single user profile page instead of having two pages