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I want to share with you a story of my Q2A sites. I didn't know what the problem was until I investigated it in Google Search Console. The problem was my site wasn't indexed at Google at all (most of the questions).

It turns out, the indexation was made by a mobile version of Googlebot AND that was the reason it was crawled - BUT NOT indexed!

Among > 1000 pages, something like 500 wasn't put in Google index.


I had to manually fix my theme (based on default Q2A flat theme) to make it pass the 


validator. And, one by one I had to click "Resubmit" each page for another indexation to make it to the Google catalog.

It turns out that even latest Q2A themes like Snow & Snow Flat don't pass those validations with errors like:

  • Viewport not defined
  • Clickable elements too close together
  • Content wider than screen
This is a major issue for any Q2A site and I think it should be a priority to fix the default themes.
Q2A version: 1.8.5
Yes, I was able to fix my theme myself, I've seen similar topics, but that's not the issue - the issue is to fix it for *ALL*

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I can tell you that this may apply to some premium themes, too.  I bought a premium theme but the theme developer use very small text size, some thing like 13, or 14 pxl. The lowest size should be 16 pxl, it's arguably the recommended default size. If you use too small font size, when links are created, especially in ordered or unordered list, you will experience "Clickable elements too close together."

For example: in this question, the tag list may experience this kind of error. The expression "asked 9 hours ago in Themes by PELock " also has small font size.

"Content wider than screen" errors are more likely to happen when you try to modify the layout, there are some objects that go beyond the normal viewport, or you are using images without dimensions
But my issue is, why wasn't the bugs fixed in the new releases? And as it turns out for my site, it's a *major* issue if your site is crawled by Google but NOT indexed!