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Hi everyone, it's been long journey here on Q2A since v1.4. it helped me learn php since when I was in Campus and now we have done and tried a lot.

I know I have not been the best developer especially recently with regards to beating deadline and solving problems. Am sorry about plus other things others have talked of here and on insulting emails sent to me. I am a human and at times my personal life came between my work and me and it's not been easy. Also I am now onto desktop and android and keeping up with all these frameworks and platforms is not easy.

I will make all the plugins I have worked on public on my GitHub profile Https://github.com/jacksiroke. If you find a bug don't put up a issue but try and send a pull request so that you can help others. My active development is on dart, c++ and c# less on php just understand my employment and family life will come first and not side projects anymore. I have also removed myself on services sections at https://docs.question2answer.org/services good luck in everything.

Thank you once more.
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Sorry to see you go. Thank you for your contributions to the Q2A ecosystem!
Thank you Scott for your moral support