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I want to allow anonymous questions and answers on my Q&A site, but I want the people posting anonymously to agree to the ToS of my site when doing that. I already enabled reCAPTCHA for my site, and it looks like the easiest way to accomplish my goal would be to display a note "by submitting this post you agree to these ToS <link>" along with the captcha.

The main purpose is to a) avoid legal liability, and b) ensure that all content on my site is published under a Creative Commons license.


The captchas displayed for anonymous questions/answers are accompanied by a notice "To avoid this verification in future, please log in or register." That text seems to be generated by this line in qa-include/app/captcha.php:

$notehtml = qa_insert_login_links(qa_lang_html('misc/captcha_login_fix'));

What would be the best way to add my additional text to that note? Udate the function call with my additional text? Or patch it into qa-include/lang/qa-lang-misc.php? How would I specify a link to my ToS there?

Q2A version: 1.8.4

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What I ended up doing was prepend $notehtml with an additional note if the captcha reason is "login" and a page "terms-and-services" exists (i.e. a page with that slug is present in the qa_pages database table).

Patch can be found here. More detailed information here.

Should I submit this as a feature request?

> "Should I submit this as a feature request?"
Apparently not. Oh, well.