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Q2A version: 1.8.4

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Q2A doesn't have a built-in bell icon (so far) so you need to find one first.  There are at least two ways of including an icon in that place:

  • Option 1: Use an '<img>' HTML tag
  • Option 2: Use a built-in webfont icon

Just comment out the line of code at q2apro-onsitenotifications-layer.php:126 and then add, adjust, and uncomment the option that works for you:

$tooltip = qa_lang('q2apro_onsitenotifications_lang/show_notifications');
//$eventcount = qa_opt('q2apro_onsitenotifications_nill');

// Option 1
//$eventcount = '<img src="' . qa_html(qa_path_absolute('') . 'qa-theme/SnowFlat/images/icons/show.png') . '" style="vertical-align: middle;">';

// Option 2
//$eventcount = '<span class="icon-arrows-cw"></span>';

$classSuffix = 'nill';  // add notify bubble to user navigation

There's a bell icon in Font Awesome webfont so you might be intrested in adding it to the built-in webfont. Here are a couple of posts that will give you a hand on that:

After adding it, the 'icon-bell' and 'icon-bell-alt' classes can be used instead of 'icon-arrows-cw'.

// Option 2
$eventcount = '<span class="icon-bell"></span>';

for getting this:

// Option 2
$eventcount = '<span class="icon-bell-alt"></span>';

for getting this:

I posted this answer with the hope of being helpful.

Have a nice day!


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If you don't mind, I'll add an icon to the file and give it to me