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this is my first plugin ...so don't give me that hard XD

Enter in 2016

I have really admired q2a for what it offers and for many experiences.

It is not the one that plugin but getting to these bases deserves for me a great step because I am just beginning to crawl in what I would like to be able to contribute.

I bring this alert plugin in order to avoid that the right click is enabled on PC to inspect code or download images. This will generate an alert notice and will discourage in some way to stop copying css code or others.

in this experience it is quite frustrating to have to see others make merit in differentiation. at least this I think.

download here . and being simple as I said for me it is a small step and something I give to whoever needs it.

Thanks to Jair. For patience.

Download here

This is an alert script and allows copying text with text selection and pasting. yours doesn't let you do these functions. so it is not an alert and is different in these respects. yours disables almost everything and users need a margin to paste.
yours is complementary and much more invasive is a good alternative too.

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Good Job.Go ahead.We're always with you.