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We ask the developers who still remains here , Or who left but he still a Q2A fan

To make other community for Q2A to help them generate earning from Q2A

The community must has "needed paid improvemets" to allow users to post their ideas/budget  and requirements then the developers reviwe it and make bids such as freelancer.com

The community has a gallery which developpers can post their premium thems and plugins in one place and can sell its there and get paid

I can rent the server ( for free) for this project if any developer like to cooperate

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Actually the one main thing required is a proper developer like Gideon or Scott or Pupi to take care of the Core development. Everything else is secondary. If they can tell what needs to be done by others we can see what we can do.
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I have been a developer for over 5 years doing custom plugins for Q2A for quite some time now and I have seen Q2A evolve over the years to what it is now. Unfortunately the reason why this CMS is not "very active" is because of the following reasons:

  1. Lack of Professional Online Addon Manager: There is not professional online addon manager for themes and plugins like we have for wordpress and joomla. Everything is hosted on github and is managed from there.
  2. Lack of Commitment from Q2A Leaders: When as a developer you identify something in the core that you wish to have added in the next update those in charge of the Github repo at https://github.com/q2a/question2answer never comment or do anything about the issues and pull requests raised. Scott who seems to be the one in charge since Gideon is busy with other projects has been quit for a long time. The last commit was January 2019. People like Sama55 of Askive got tired pushing for new changes that never got a positive response and in protest he went to have his own Q2A site at https://askive.cmsbox.jp and later lauched a better Q2A with all the core hacks implented: PowerQA at https://powerqa.org
  3. Lack of respect from some members of Q2A community: I have seen some members who get disappointed with addons on this site and then end up insulting the developers of those plugins when things go south. Am sure developers like Rahulayian of the Dude Theme deserted Q2A because of that. Personally I have been a victim of such when someone like Shvonder decides to insult me like on this question https://www.question2answer.org/qa/82196/q2andy-android-project-for-q2a-is-now-open-source and https://www.question2answer.org/qa/66871/new-premium-plugin-advanced-blocker-plugin yet he has never contacted me directly for support.
  4. Many users want free plugins: It is very unfortunate that many users here have been asking for free plugins and at one time I decided to make my Blog Post plugin free even though I was not making much from it. By then I was a student and after graduation life became hard outside doing freelancing for a while till I got a job. I was suprised when I came back hear to find many complaints about my plugin. Some developer called Ami made a premium one and still few people agreed to buy it. Even as we speak now many of you want free things. Do you know how much time it takes to make a good plugin or theme with unique features that does not break Q2A?
  5. We need chat forums: You will agree that we need chat forums to address issues we are all facing. For instance we need slack channel for Q2A like we have for Wordpress among other projects am contributing on. By the way can you join a Slack Channel for Q2A 
  6. Language Barrier: I have noticed that we are from different parts of the world and sometimes some of us struggle to express an idea or concern whereas others are very economical in what they say here till it is hard to understand what a person wants.

All that said and done I hope you will forgive me those I have hurt in one way or another. We can still pick up the broken pieces and rise up.

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stop depending on the cluster of the same in the same. they don't have much time now.

Study and do something for yourself and for the community.
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Keep track of issues in github (https://github.com/q2a/question2answer) and be better equipped with PHP knowledge. I realized that some original contributors are somehow still active there. There are some issues that can be fixed there.

But in here, some of them did log in sometimes and did some police jobs but never answered as they didn't have time for, or were not interested in.

Some issues are not reported here, even if they are, they are often ignored. Better keep an eye on Github activities.