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in the candy theme there seems to be a bug in the css file
(or most probably it's again a bug of the Internet Explorer...)

new pages or links which are added by using the admin-panal and positioned to the right will vanish if using the Internet Explorer Version 6.0

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Admin-Panal -> pages
  2. add Link
  3. Position: "Far end of tabs at top"

using FireFox the new created Link appears in the menu bar at the top - adjusted to the right, using the Internet Explorer Version 6.0 the text/button is invisible - but the link works... frown

any ideas for a workaround are welcome...

I say IGNORE IE6 the browser is no longer supported and there is not much people using it.
:(    my company - and many others as well  are still using this old crap...
         sorry...   but I can't overcome...

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