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You can reproduce this bug this way :

  1. go on the demo site and log in as the Demo Admin.
  2. click on 'Demo Admin' at the top (to go to your profile).
  3. click on 'My Updates' (to go to the updates).
  4. repeat (2) and (3) and watch the whole website shift to the left and right as you do so.

It seems as if CSS is problematic and some pages are shifted to the left or right.

Does anyone have a fix for this?

Q2A version: 1.6.1
I see this in Google Chrome and in Safari.
Since I am unable to see the issue. Hard to tell you the cause and fix.. I will try again to visit your site later and let's see if I or someone else can see so can help you to fix.
I have checked again and still can't see any real issue. Only jump is due to scrollbar
What browser do you use? I'll download some other browsers and check for the jump there. If it still occurs I'll make a screen movie and upload it and add the link here.

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