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If QA_DEBUG_PERFORMANCE in qa-config.php is set to true, errors will occur in some plugins. In my case, error is shown on plugin option setting. This seems to be due to strange lines added in V1.8.1.

For example: qa-include/qa-app-updates.php

trigger_error('Included file ' . basename(FILE) . ' is deprecated');

Does this happen at your site?

Q2A version: V1.8.1 ~

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As of v1.7.x the right approach to include that file is:

require_once QA_INCLUDE_DIR . 'app/updates.php';

In v1.9.x all plugins that don't update this behaviour will stop working (even if debug mode is disabled).

Yes this is exactly correct. The point of the warnings is to notify about deprecated features so you can update your includes.
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