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Many people want to know the performance improvement of Q2A v1.7.5 vs v1.8. See below page now.


This performance is measured on dedicated server.

Q2A v1.8.0 Beta1 is much faster(20-30%) than v1.7.5. MySql queries taking less time and PHP also taking less time to execute. RAM required for v1.8.0 Beta1 is little more than v1.7.5 but few kb memory should not matter when you run on good server.

Let me know if you want to me to check any other thing for the performance. What do you think about Q2A v1.8.0 Beta1 performance? please share your views.
Q2A version: v1.8.0 Beta1
Good action.
thanks sama55
Great! I would like to see 1.8.0 without the cache enabled. That would make it more comparable.

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v1.8.0 Beta is better than v1.7.0

Yes true. also php 7 and mysql 5.6 plays role for performance improvement.