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Are these errors serious? Will it give me trouble?

If yes, give me solution please.

Q2A version: 1.8
That's not related to the q2a core. And a huge red screen is a serious error always, isn't it? :)
Yes, it is :( . But in which category must I add this question?
What I meant  with my comment is that it is not related to any code that you will find in the Q2A repository. That comes from a plugin. Check with the plugin author.
I understand, but I didn't this operation with any plugin. I did just manually and get this error. I get backup of my database from cpanel and add this to new database which I create and then get these errors
You committed a mistake in moving data the wrong way. That is the cause of the error. The solution: get in touch with the author of the plugin/theme which code is generating that error. The Q2A core is not the cause

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Database account set in Q2A must have sufficient privileges.

Reference : https://docs.question2answer.org/install/

4. Create a MySQL database, and a MySQL user with full permissions for that database. If you’re interested, the privileges actually needed are: CREATE, ALTER, DELETE, INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, LOCK TABLES

Command prompt example: SHOW GRANTS FOR 'user'@'localhost';

I create database and add user to this database with all priviliges via Cpanel.
But as you can see I must give super priviliges for this operation and I don't know even what is super priviliges.