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How can I know the user's password through the database?

As it exists in long coding and incomprehensible and I need this property a lot because many of them forget the secret code

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Passwords are encrypted into irreversible code. Basically, you can not restore the password code in the database. Therefore there is a password reset form. These things are common to many systems.
Hi,can you teach me how to make irreversible code for qa_message's messages,like a admin but the users can read on webside
Please see
The information is encrypted for later reuse. Passwords entered later will be encrypted again, and matching checks with the encrypted (stored) passwords will prove that the password is correct. Encrypted messages can not be reused. The message needs to be displayed later when the recipient logs in. So it can not be encrypted.
From a technical view it's known as "hashing" rather than encryption :)
But yes, the point is that it's one-way and cannot be reversed. This is the standard for storing passwords on websites.