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I am running a WordPress website Spytm.com . Also installed wpforo forum but seems this qa site looks great then wpforo. So I want this qa site but don't want seperate user db. Can anyone please advise how to connect both WordPress and this qa site. Currently I am developing so please try to help me asap. Thanks.

wpforo looks like a very good WP plugin. Why do you think Q2A is better than wpforo? Please tell me about that if you do not mind.
Recently I have migrated my wordpress site from godaddy to 1and1 hosting. I have used "duplicator" plugin to migrate. After migration, all the wpforo topics & replies are vanished. This is the only reason I am planning to switch this q2a site.
I see. It seems that the issue of plugin has not been solved yet.
However, using WP users with Q2A is not difficult, but importing wpforo data into Q2A will be difficult task. I think there are various problems, but I will open a new QA site without migrating data.

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