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I am considering using this because of the first look it looks more advanced than wumudevs Q&A plugin.

As i see it in the wordpress intergration instruction the "path/to/wordpress" part needs to be on the same server. But what if i want to host my subdomain on another server? Am i right to guess i cant just put a domain in there?

example.com - hosted on a wordpress specific host that ONLY allows wordpress meaning i cant host Q2A there

ask.example.com hosted somehere else but integrated into the wordpress install on example.com

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First: Yes it is more advance than WPMUDEVS Q&A as Question2Answer is fully featured question and answering system offering more featues and have great flexibility to modify as per need.

For WordPress and Q2A SSO ( Single Sign On ) it will only work on the same server. The reason is when you install Q2A with WordPress as SSO Q2A will installed / create tables into the same WordPress database and will use WordPress user table ( default wp_usres ).

Second thing here you should understand the difference between Path and URL or Link. Path means local machine ( computer ) address ( here is your server ) and URL is same what you missunderstood with the domain name. http://www.domain.com or http://subdomain.domain.com is URL or Link which will never works for SSO setup.

I hope this will helps you to clear couple of confusion and missunderstanding about SSO, Path and Domain/URL/Link

So this is not possible at all? What does Q&A actaully do when i set this intergration up? it reads the mysql credentials from the file, what else? Can't i just set the mysql server to the same wordpress uses from an external host and then tell Q&A to use what else is need to integrate? Any other way to sync users and passwords?
I am not saying that not at all possible. Everything is possible now days :P I think yes you can do but than you have to put little effort to connect two different server.

For MySQL check this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5765711/php-mysql-connect-database-from-another-server

Include file read this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2752783/including-php-file-from-another-server-with-php

Hope this will helps you
Well I don't want to include the file from the other server I am fine with manually setting the mysql 2 times to the same server. But how to trigger Q2A to act like normal integration but take the mysql from its own config file?