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This would allow us to modify some elements in particular forms by overidding the form() method and checking the name. I've done it for my site this way:

In function main_parts($content), I've simply changed this

elseif (strpos($key, 'form')===0)


elseif (strpos($key, 'form')===0) {

And added the key parameter to form($form) which became form($form,$formkey=null).

Since this method is called at some place, the null ensures compatibilty with other versions.

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I can see the value of this, but the problem is that the key in most cases is just 'form', so a safer way to identify the form type might be to look at the template in $this->template

Template is in fact useful. A page where the form key is useful, is on the page_question since it contains many forms. Thanks!