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While Q2A is pretty well SEO optimized right off the box - I decided to squeeze as much SEO juice from it as possible. I noticed in the past how much Google loves "tags". Plus extra bit of ranking juice is given when keyword is present in the domain name - or subdomain. So I implemented advanced theme addon that allows you to map each keyword tag as a separate subdomain name. Advantage: extra SEO ranking boost for your keywords, and extra position on SERPs as google considers subdomains as a separate websites.

For that to work you need to create wildcarded subdomain. I use Hostgator/Cpanel - and it's one click to create it. The rest was done through my custom addon. Plus I made many corners more round for better visual appeal.

Here's result: http://find.selfhelpfast.com
Click on tags and see how URL + Title + heading will change according to tag.

(It's not really a question, but rather request for SEO-hungry people to share their views and opinions on this approach)
I like your site Gesman
I have tried to subdomain before, by my redirect has to go to a seperate folder in cp.
Dear Gesman, I really liked the theme you are using. Can you please share with us?

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Can you share what changes you made to the code ?
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I recall answering a similar question before. I don't buy that using keywords on subdomains has any benefit whatsoever. Google treats subdomains and sorta-separate sites so if anything you *lose* SEO value. Do you have any evidence that this works?
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I always thought it was the content of the site that was most important ;)

Even if this sort of thing works to outsmart Google (yeah, right), it can only serve to further ruin the whole search engine experience.  If your content doesn't rank number one, what right does your site have to to the status?  The worst part about searching for things these days is that you do sometimes wind up with sites like this that have a whole subdomain dedicated to one of your keywords, but nothing to do with your search query as a whole.

I guess this sort of answer is probably not that popular, since "SEO" has become so pervasive, and ad-money is often more important than information; everyone is just trying to "keep up" with the other cheaters :)  Just some thoughts from a non-"SEO-hungry" webmaster.