Welcome to the Question2Answer Q&A. There's also a demo if you just want to try it out.
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Hurry Up...! Get Lion Theme Now

Lion Theme in only from $3.25

After almost six months of survey, we have noted a tremendous demand for Lion theme. However, we found there is many more Q2A site owner want to subscribe with Q2A Market for only Lion theme with the affordable price range. So finally, we have designed the best and affordable price range for Lion Theme.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to Q2A Market entire library to get access to all themes and plugins with free updates during the subscription period. Check this out.

Feel free to provide your feedback on Q2A Market , Facebook, Twitter or here

Nice! this theme is the best for q2a. Good to know your are giving lot of options for purchase.

you should setup admin demo.
Does this theme support characters like "ə" "ğ" "ö" ?
@Bymemor, The theme supports the character set what Question2Answer supports.

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Why is there no option for buying it permanently?

Do you even look at the themes in universal stores?

There is no theme which wants monthly price

It is so pity that we can't buy even one theme from q2a store
Thanks for your input.

I understand your concern but I am afraid that the subscription is  Q2A Market only modal for now.
Thank you, I understand
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Thank you for the theme but honestly I don't believe that many people adhere to this model of use.

Why not opt for the classic sales model?

You are afraid that the theme will be found for free on nulled scirpts sites created by people who have no morals? but frankly all developers have this issue in response to that they try to sell their product with a studied price (that do not push people to look for it for free and by betting on the number of sales!

I take the example of developers on envato market if the product becomes successful, it is inevitably proposed in nulled version but it does not prevent many people from buying the product especially if it is well followed with updates and with the garentie not to have viruses or doubtful code on the product available for free.

I hope you will still think of another way to aquisition this magnificent theme.

Thank you

You are welcome. I appreciate your opinion.

However, this is the modal we will continue and there is nothing to afraid of anything :)

I personally do not believe in Envato modal where the developer works for life and get paid for once. Everyone needs money flow to keep go on with production and survive in personal life.

Anyone who cannot afford $3.25/month there is still many good themes are available to use. Q2A Market never force anyone to subscribe.

How many numbers of Q2A Market subscribers that we know, no one else. We are pretty much happy with the number of subscribers. We will continue this modal with continuous updates and providing support to our subscribers.

Thanks once again to come up with your point of view. There is nothing right or wrong in it and just a personal belief that everyone has rights to follow.
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Thank you for your answer and I understand you.

As for envato market, I think you have a bad conception about it.

There are people who live only with their products on envato market, I invite you to read this article:


You tell me that you are satisfied with the model that you already use but sincerely there is a huge potential in your contributions to Q2A but which is wasted by your "limited" vision.

I have some remarks also on the lion theme:

I think you're trying to come up with new things with the theme, but you're a bit of a deviant on the design:

A logo should always be displayed on the topbar, first it is practical it can return to home quickly but also it allows visitors for the first time to remember the name of the site, instead you show the name of the page on which we are but this information is displayed in the browser tab, there is a difference between a mobile version and a mobile application!

Hiding the information related to the questions with the button expand disturbs me, this feature does not give visitors for the first time the impression that it is a Q&A site.

I also don't like the new design of the answer status replace the colors that make sense (green, red and blue) that exist in the snow theme by icons that some can not even notice.

On the question page, again it does not give the impression that it's a question but rather a blog post, I do not like the background image of the lion it did not instead of being and it slowing down the page loading time.

On the desktop version, the topbar is not consistent with a desktop version, you must display some links or account info or icons on this bar! it is long and empty, I have not seen it elsewhere.

For the rest everything is good it's beautiful theme with material design.

I leave you also this website (it is in Arabic) but you can draw ideas and inspiration:


I hope my criticism is constructive.

Thank you !

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When i try to subscribe for q2amarket.com for $99. The payment gateway is not allowing me to pay through paypall or through my credit card.

Please help me to resolve the issue and to get me subscription for a period of one year.
This is the issue with PayPal India. However, I personally checked and now PayPal supporting Indian debit and credit cards to purchase/send money. You may have to check with PayPal India customer care.
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Where is the Demo Link?
The demo link is not working:
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It's not woking