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  1. Clickable elements too close together
  2. Content wider than screen
Im using snow flat.
Q2A version: 183. Bugfix
Your page is not mobile friendly on google search results
I have the exact same issue, for the last 1-2 months.

Google search console complains that many of my forum pages have mobile usability issues ("Content wider than screen" and "Clickable elements too close together").  The following two pages have both:

When I manually examine the pages in Google mobile test ( https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly ) the only problem reported is that this resource cannot be loaded:

As a counter example, the following page is reported (from GSC) to have PASSED the test for "Clickable elements too close together"
4+ months later and the problem is the same.  

My rankings have dropped, maybe because of this.

Nobody knows how to fix this?
same problem here
Have you found the solution? If yes, please update us.

1 Answer

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By running Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test with this post:

I can see it throws these errors:

1) Clickable elements too close together
2) Content wider than screen

As for the first issue, I’ve picked out some of the things that (I think) are causing Google to trow this error message:

As for the second issue, I think we might need to tweak the sidebar a little bit.

But It’d be helpful if you (other users are also welcome) can report back some others I haven’t spotted yet. Could you please click on "Clickable elements too close together" and “Content wider than screen” in Google’s Search Console and expand your question with screenshots of what it showed?

Update 2019-10-15:
Well, I don’t think It’s a good layout for these voting buttons on comments but they follow Google’s rules. What do you think? What about the vote count?