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Visitor to my site www.kaone.org not yet come from search engine even create more topic to be interested by search

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Q2A is pretty SEO friendly. It uses heading tags properly and has SEF URLs. (Although the code does have a bad case of "divitis".)

Search Engines can take a long time to find and crawl your site. Make you you have several links from other sites to your site so SEs can find it.

Don't expect it to do well in search results for months though, if not years. Just let it build slowly.
thank you, hope this script friendly SEO just like blogger. Only one month, its listed at search engine
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The oldest post on your site is added 3 days ago (I guess "hams" means "days"). It is VERY fresh content. Do not expect visits from search engines so quickly.
I noticed first visit on my site one month afer setting up the website.
You are right, just new install your script and its great. just make sure about SEO because some script not friendly SEO at all
Perfectly useful.

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