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Whenever i run a search the URL that the script redirects me to looks like this: search?q=search_term. I would like to know what to modify in order for it to be more seo friendly(/search/search_term).

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I'm afraid this wouldn't be so straightforward to change, since it is related to quite a few different places in the Q2A code. It would also require an extra redirect after the person has entered a search, since a form can't modify the URL in that way.
I don't think this is really useful for SEO anyway.
The only difference between the URLs is `?q=` and `/` so that won't make a difference.
Searches aren't linked anywhere so the pages aren't getting indexed anyway, unless you create some links to them.
Even if you have those pages indexed by a search engine, they are just yet another view of content you already have with the question list, tags, categories, etc. They will likely be counted as duplicate content and ignored.