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This enhancement is strongly needed. Now my Q&A is indexed and I have tons of duplicate TITLE tags errors. Descriptions needed too, but this is not that big problem in my opionion, because google can get descrption from content, and it is not shown as error. But duplicate TITLE's, this is error. Any idea? I know, how to edit core pages, but this is bad idea because q&a updates. Anybody working on plugin?
Q2A version: 1.5.1

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For paginated pages you can do what I do and put this in your advanced theme:

function head_title()
    // create unique page titles
    if ( qa_get('start') && isset($this->content['title']) )
        $this->content['title'] = $this->content['title'] . ' (page ' . floor(qa_get('start') / $this->_get_per_page() + 1) . ')';

I guess this could be turned into a layer plugin, although TBH I think it should be integrated into the Q2A core by Gideon :)

Are there any other pages that come up as duplicate titles for you? I occasionally get ones for questions whose titles have changed, but since there is a canonical tag those disappear pretty quick.

Thank you again! Maybe I have duplicate titles, because categories are still empty. But I will use your function of course. Thanks!