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1. e-mail validation for new users.
2. Ban users, Ban IP - I guess this is already planned.
3. Sitemap
4. RSS feed
Very good question, and I think gidgreen should open his roadmap for this software to be viewable by the users so we don't have to ask questions such as this one.

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1, 2 and 4 are *planned* for version 1.1. I appreciate the request to open the roadmap, but it will ultimately depend on which features are most requested.

As of now, the 1.1 release will focus on these major features: categories, RSS, and more anti-spam protection. Plus of course some smaller stuff.
Thats great! Q2A is heading in right direction. SPAM is really concern for site.

you might be having some ideas to implement anti spam feature but here are my thoughts on anti-spam.

for new registered user
1.  pass all question/answer/comments through akismet.
2.  send all  question/answer/comments to moderation queue and moderator/admin will approve after review.

and this feature should be kept enabled until new user question/answer/comments count reach some number may be 20 or so.
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if you are planning for email validation feature for this release then can you pls consider below suggestions.

1. options to enable or disable email validation for new user.
2. enable account only after email validation - no access to edit his personal info before email id verification and account approval.
(generally SPAM users will create multiple accounts and put link to their SPAM site in personal info, by this their purpose is solved.)
3. Even after validation of email id by user, can we move  new user account for admin/moderator approval.

This will make system more robust from spammers.

btw, our Q2A sites are already infected by these kind (pt no 2) of spammers.
example of SPAM users..
registered with mail id jennifermartinez at mail15.com

with same mail id accounts are created on our other Q2A sites...

if you search on google.

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