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If so, I have a few.

-Admins can change user's reputation balance (i.e. give them +10)
-Formatting. BBCode or other types of MarkDown would be nice
-Awards (for activity)
-Custom pages (Such as "rules", etc)
-Mass email
-Question views
-Delete question (i.e. user spammed)
-Add tags to taglist (found 0 times, but still on list to give people a starting point)
-"Favorite" questions
-Usergroup permissions and settings (i.e. Editors could be renamed to Moderators, they can have possible access to ___ feature, etc)
-Style creator (edit site colors)
-Find all users made by a single IP (spam prevention)

Thanks for considering this. Also, please respond to the feedback I sent you regarding the "Powered by" whenever possible, I'd like to know.

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Yes, thanks, all excellent suggestions for future versions. I also responded to your feedback email, so hope you received that.
I unfortunately did not receive your response, I will check my spam mail. I really enjoy using your script, it is a pleasure to use.
It got trapped in my spam mail, I am replying now.