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Hi all. I am new to Q2A and I am looking for some help/guidance. I already know bit of PHP & MySQL. 

I want a new feature in my Q2A site. I want to add a new drop down menu in the text editor [where user gives more information about his question]. The drop down menu will have options like Q1, Q2,...Qn etc. If the user clicks on Q1, the Question 1 will be pasted in editor area. Later he can modify however he wants. 

Basically I want to give some list of questions & user can chose this. But why so ? I am using in a educational environment & these questions will be from preveious year academic question papers. 

  • Is there any plugin which does this ? or something similar ?
  • If I have to develop new plugin for this, how/where can I start ?
  • Where do I have to store questions, in the same database where main Q2A will be using ?

Any help, suggestions regarding this will be appreciated. Thanks a lot ! - sanjana.


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It might actually be easier to implement this into the actual CKEditor that is used to edit questions/answers. It would require a fair bit of coding and would need a separate table in your database than the Q2A tables. If you are using this more as exam style software - honestly there are other applications/scripts better suited to your needs.