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My website is on a shared hosting and there are limitations for sending Emails in these hosts. I need to limit the number of emails sending from my website. For example 50 Emails per hour. Is it possible?

Thank you for your help.
This is not straight away possible but can be easily done by overriding the send function for email. But if you do this and then a user clicks "forget password" what'll happen?
@Gate Overflow
In that case the user should try again one hour later!
Could you please explain in more details which function should be overridden?
Q2A core is pretty simple. You can see that here

But this change is not at all recommended for a user experience point of view. You should rather control spam users and may be even remove notification emails for comment follows etc.
Thank you Gate Overflow for your comment. How is it possible to remove notification emails for comment follows?

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