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I just build a new q2a site.

When I used my Server to send email the email is "none-reply@kenhhoidap.com"

I checked email received in Gmail, it was in the Trunk or Spam folder

But If I used gmail SMTP 

The email will be on Inbox,

Does anyone know about the pros/cons when using SMTP over my "none-reply@kenhhoidap.com" ?

I am thinking of:

At first , when my site has small traffic, I should use Gmail SMTP, 

And later on, I can change it to my own Server email,

Is it ok ?


Q2A version: 1.7.4

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When you simply create a new site, your emails won't be delivered directly to inbox of most mail servers. It requires proper MX records and server IP settings. Not only the DNS should be correct but also the reverse DNS. This should be enough for most purpose- but also ensure that the mail server is not sending out spam or else it will be blacklisted.

I use Q2A server for mailing as it is easier and more transparent than SMTP. It really depends on your usage. But using own email sever adds a bit of authenticity to the site compared to using some other mail server.