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Strange, can't see any reason why that would be the case. I don't get any such errors on my site. Can you try disabling different plugins and see if that fixes it? Maybe a plugin is messing up the HTML somewhere.
@fahimalfarhan those are *different* errors to the one you posted. The question you posted does have answers but you still get an error.

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I looked into this more closely. The problem is that the second answer (by molla) has a bunch of messy HTML, in the answer itself. And it includes <div itemprop="text"> which is causing the duplicate.

You should be able to solve by editing the answer and removing the styles - if you're using the default WYSIWYG editor the "Tx" button will do that.

thank you bro. you are right. this problem is now solved
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it this question you dont have content. The question just has title, no content. For users to write content by setting this:

admin => posting => Minimum length of question body: 12

And for duplicate suggestedAnswer issue do this. on app/format.php at line 326-333

make this changes:

if ($microdata) {
        if ($isanswer) {
                 $fields['tags'] .= ' itemprop="' . ($isselected ? 'acceptedAnswer' : 'suggestedAnswer') . '" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Answer"';
       if ($iscomment) {
            $fields['tags'] .= ' itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Comment"';

on https://www.nirbik.com/512/
I see that itemprop has not been changed after modification.

Also for text warning problem you need add  itemprop="text" to the <div class="qa-main-wrapper"> on snowflat qa-theme.php. It should be like <div class="qa-main-wrapper" itemprop="text">
you must be doing something wrong. check my q2a demo website. Below think has multiple answers, and one of them is selected. My problem of mainEntity.text and suggestedAnswer are fixed with above methods.



If your "text" warning still exists, on app/format at lines 421-423 change this
if ($microdata) {
            $fields['content'] = '<div itemprop="text">' . $fields['content'] . '</div>';
Hello, any idea to fix my problem about maintity.text ?
How can I fix "missing field mainentity" ?