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In my QA site Text editor is not working. I have installed all the editor plugin like wysiwyg-editor-174-master, wysiwyg-editor, ckeditor_4.11.1_d4ffd48a8885 etc. But still text editor is not working. It allows only plain text without any customization option in the text box.

Here is the screenshot of my website text box.You can also try.Just go through the link :http://banking.careerinbd.com

I need this kind of text field. How can I get this type of text field to post any question or answer or anything else.

Please help on this issue to resolve the problem.

Q2A version: 1.8.0
In admin/posting have you selected the desired Editor?
Thanks for your co-operation.
The problem has been resolved followed by your instruction.
You're welcome :)

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