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I have developed a new plugin that deal with verified accounts. This is premium plugin for a cost of 50 USD

Basically, the plugin offer functionalities such as;

For Admins in backend:

  • Determine user verifier level
  • Allow/Disallow users to make requests for verification of their accounts.
  • Enable/Disable point-based automatic verification. Users accounts who reach determined points will be automatically verified by the plugin system.


For Users in Frontend:

  • If admins allow send verification requests, users can send request asking to verify their accounts
  • There is 30 days of EMBARGO period for verification rejected users, so that they should wait 30 days after decision time to make a new request for verification.
  • File Upload function integrated (if enabled by admin, users will need to upload jpg, png, pdf file with max.size set by admin)

if file upload enabled:

if file upload disabled:

For Admins in Frontend:

  • They can moderate (accept & reject) verification requests and remove already verified users' verifications

In Frontend for all:

  • Verification icon will appear for verified accounts in posts.
  • No need for fontawesome, jpg, png, and etc. The icon is totally fonetirized with css style.
  • At User-profile page, verification row appears for verified users with symbol, and for unverified users too.

- The user "test5" is not verified, and he is viewing his own page.

- The user "admin" is verified, and he is viewing the user profile page of other user called "demo".

- The user "admin" is verified, and he is viewing his own page.


NOTE: it can be integrated with point system (check my BonusPlus plugin) as well. Users can pay some points in order to make verification request. And users can be awarded some points if their account is successfully verified.

UPDATE1: point-based automatic verification feature has been added. Admin can enable/disable it.

UPDATE2: Verification file upload feature has been added. Admin can enable/disable it. Admin can set max.size limit. Supported file formats are images and pdf.

UPDATE3: Verification page link added into user-profile page just next to verification tab. Look picture 9-11 above.

For USER-LEVEL demo:  https://gyzgyn.com/q2a-demo
user: deneme_11 
pass: test1234

user: test9 
pass: test1234

Q2A version: q2a 1.7.5 customized
Nice one. Is it possible for Admins to ask some predefined questions as part of Verification? - Like in FB group for member approval.
currently it is not possible, but it can be easily implemented. Please give an example about it. I will think about it.
Thank you for your reply. A simple example can be
Gender with 2 options M and F
For a college, this can be a drop down with Year of Passing.

Option for ID card upload - which is standard across many sites for Verification.

In General, I would say, up to 5 input fields (or unlimited) to be filled by the Admin with Text, Checkbox, Drop down and File Upload being supported.
It is possible to add radio for gender and dropdown for year of passing college. However, I think these two factors are not necessary for verifying an account. File upload of ID card, Driving License, or Passport can be a significant factor. For example, uploading an ID will also verify users gender which will be written in the ID. So, radio for gender will just occupy an extra column in database table.
I am not sue what type of questions are asked in facebook and twitter. But I think file upload of ID card or Passport will be the best exercise for verification of account.
Basically, admin will see the passport of the users and compare his/her passport name and q2a user name, this also valid for DOB, Gender, Nationality.

Plus, I will also add a new feature of automatic verification for users who reach a certain points in the q2a website.
nice plugin! may be you can show bigger badge like twitter
Sure. File upload will be the main thing for verification. Others are just site specific requirements - we can use User profile fields for those, but they dont support checkbox and drop downs. I'll be buying this once file upload is there.
@arjunsuresh I have added file upload option for verification.

Admin can enable/disable FILE UPLOAD OPTION.
If admin enables it, admin should set max.file size. By default it is 2 MB.

File Upload supported formats are images  (jpg, png) and pdf.
@ProThoughts where exactly to show bigger icon ? if you say in posts (WHO place) then you can just modify css.

The icon is completely css. It does not add additional load onto server as it does not use img, fontawesome, or etc. But If you already use fontawesome in your site, then it will be better to use fontawesome icon.
Thanks. Just one more comment - it would be great for users if the Request Verification link comes on the User Page - in the Verified column.
But verification sometimes requires uploading id card, like we get approved in fb or Twitter
@arjunsuresh I did not get that. Look at thrid picture above, the link is there.
@donutlover yes, I have added verification file upload feature look above pictures and update notes.
Yes. Request verification link is there. But it's not practical to add this on Navigation bar as it is not the prime thing for most sites. Instead this link should be near to where it shows user is not verified on the user page.
in third picture above. The "verification file link" leads to the file uploaded by the user.
As far as I understand from your comments, you are asking to place a link to user-profile page at 9th and 10th picture above. Am i right?
yes, exactly. That would be better for User Experience.
I added the link, please look at picture 9 above.
Thank you. Can you please add it on picture 9 too "Verify Me" if one is visiting his own page?
I added it following these 2 conditions:

CONDITION 1: if user is viewing own page
CONDITION 2: if user is verified

If both conditions are true, then link text is "See Verification"
If condition 1 is true, condition 2 is false, then link text is "Verify Me".
If condition 1 is false, notwithstanding condition 2, the link will not be shown.

see screenshots 9,10,11 above.
Thank you. How to buy it? It will work on Q2A 1.8 rt?
No answer, am I missing something?
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sorry I missed it. PM me for purchase options.

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