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Ok first I would to know if there is a plug in that will allow me to mass delete members instead of one at a time?

Second For a very long time I have been getting people registering to post spam I believe it is some kind of auto register script I have attempted to sit google captha to its highest sitting and that did no good I thing found a plug in that let me sit a security question and that did no good, I finally had to disable register all together and tell people to register by email that put a stop to it but no one is going to register that way, ( not that I am getting anyone but spammers registering any way) Does anyone know solution to solve this spam issue?

Third where do I look to see which version iam running I know Iam running a old version and I might update?

4th I notice while I am typing this message I can not right click on correct spelling errors is there a fix to that should I decide to update

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Hi Methen, answering your first question there's a plugin that could be interesting for you: Q2A-User-Manager

Forum thread.

I think there's an option to select more than one user and then

  • Block
  • Delete
  • Send email confirmation

Answering your second question, it's very difficult to stop that behaviour, but you'll see some recommendations here. Although it's not your favorite one, email verification seems to be the most effective solution against spammers.

To check your current Q2A version you can take a look at the top of qa-include/qa-base.php, where it defines QA_VERSION

It was previously answered here

I hope it helps you!

That's complete :) Just one minor comment about the Q2A version. You can find it in admin/stats and if you are running an old version it will become red with a link to the newer version in GitHub
Yes! Good point! Thanks :)
Ok I got that installed but I am uncertain as how to use it as there does not appear to be any instructions, What iam trying to do is to batch delete all the people who did not answer the question are you male or female when they registered
I also see this spam registration even after enabling recaptcha and verify email.