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I want few modification in Snow theme. I am ready to pay for it also. What I need-

  1. Header: Logo will be placed at nav bar. nav bar will have more height. See images for reference
  2. User Info: User info will be at the right of the Nav bar
  3. Search: Search will be at right panel as default theme
  4. Navigation menu: All the Menus will be at the left like a tree like stack overflow (Optional, if possible). 
Please see the current image showing my development till data.
And here something like I want to develop
Q2A version: 1.8
The Snow theme is not responsive. I would advise you to modify the SnowFlat theme instead

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This will require quite a bit of modification in the respective methods. Moreover, as @pupi1985 mentioned the Snow theme is not responsive so using SnowFlat is advisable.