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I just installed the "Donut" Theme, and I was able to modify some of the CSS to change some things around to the way I wanted them (and of course, everything else was great - it's a good theme). However, one of the things the theme changes is the WYSIWYG editor. I love the "Snow" theme WYSIWYG editor. It is just a lot simpler and less intense.

Is there an easy way to modify some files so that the Donut Theme pulls just the Snow themed editor? Where is this configuration stored in each theme? (Or is it individually defined?)
Q2A version: 1.6.3
Can you provide one screenshot for each of those editors? The only WYSIWYG editor change was from 1.6.3 to 1.7... but it is unrelated to the Donut theme itself
I just upgraded to 1.7 (as you know from  my previous post), and I was able to rectify this. I'm not sure what happened in the first place with my 1.6.3 version.

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Donut theme does not depends on the editor any way . It is just a theme which modifies only the User interface . So it dont have any internal configurations for editor .

The editor is a plugin . That will be inside the plugins folder . So might be you are using a editor which uses CKEditor 3.x . So if you want to update , take the updated editor from q2a 1.7 , or http://q2astore.com/product/express-editor/  or from http://www.question2answer.org/qa/26643/ .

Then after installing choose the editor from Admin -> posting -> Default editor for questions: -> Select the editor you just installed