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This theme has been discontinued! 
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Muffin 2.0 is here!

As you might already know, Muffin is a constant process of perfection on building, shaping and reshaping things with the objective of reaching the best user experience whilst keeping the outstanding good looks.

On this new version update some of the little bugs were fixed but also some noticeable improved looks were implemented. Some of them you can see on the screenshots down below but others are ready for you to discover.

Brief description of what's new based on below screenshots:

  • Ask Question link is at the very top of the Left Menu Navigation bar.
  • Search Bar, Left Menu Navigation, Notification plugin icons, Titles & more have now an improved and cleaner design.
  • User Navigation Menu with more link options, making it easier to surf trough your platform: My Profile, Edit My Profile, Private Messages.
  • Badges are now also displayed next to user profile picture on Profile Pages (this will be available after Badges Plugin new coming update)
  • New icons added to buttons.
  • Mobile Design improved.
  • & much more.

View Online Demo • Get Muffin Theme

Screenshot #1


Screenshot #2


Screenshot #3


Screenshot #4

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closed with the note: This theme has been discontinued!
Thanks for the update :) Frankly the best Q2A theme yet but I couldnt use it due to some custom pages on my site.
Thank you @arjunsuresh :)
That sounds like a fixable problem. Could you please elaborate it via email with some screenshots?
Thank you for your help. All issues are fixed now, except the "notification icon". I'm using Q2APro notification plugin and I'm not getting the icon as in Screenshot 4. Is there something else I need to do for it?
You're welcome @arjunsuresh :)

I just deleted the plugin and re-downloaded it from " https://github.com/q2apro/q2apro-on-site-notifications " again and it's working fine for me. Have you tried to (Ctrl+F5) to refresh the page, forcing the website's cache to clear?
Thank you :) It worked. I was using an old version; just updated.
why you didnt send the update to me? im your customer.
Hi @Tosunkaya ,
I've seen your email and just replied to it, there was a misunderstanding on your information and has now been fixed.
Best Regards and enjoy Muffin theme 2.0 :)

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Thanks a lot :) Sent you an email.
Nice theme i liked it.. i am new blogger..
You're welcome @Arjunsuresh . Thank you @Kelwin , welcome to the Question2Answer community :)
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Hi. Tnks for the update, this theme is amazing.

Theres just a small problem. When I open muffin theme (2.0) in a smartphone, the page is larger than the screen, so I need to scroll right/left. How can I solve it?

And sometimes the sidebar gets under the main content. I dont know why it happen. Can you help? You can send me by email - lipsmega @ gmail dot com
Hi @Lipsmega , this problem happened on version 1.2 when images were bigger than the screen, but a fix was implemented making them 100% wide on small screens (responsive) so it doesn't overlaps it. This problem was solved on version 2.0 .

Make sure that the content on the sidebar is responsive as well. For example if you're using fixed width Ads (300x600) or (720x90) this may be the cause of the problem. You have to use these with the AdSense Responsiveness option.
Please verify this first. If the problem persists, send me an email with your site's url so I can check it.