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I could not find any benchmarks of Q2A online. Is there any how it performs with greater user load? How it scales with different http servers like nginx, cherokee, lighttpd etc.? How secure and high-available is it? Is there any load-balance or clustering plugin for the cloud?

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I can't help with the benchmark side of things, but I can point to this page:


According to that page, Q2A is implemented so that most pages are served with a single database query, which should make it more scaleable in a situation with a backend database and many front end nodes typical to load-balancing systems. As I understand it, scaling bottlenecks might appear with the necessary shared filesystem for uploaded images, etc., but I'd say Q2A is well-placed to scale generally; it seems to be a fairly efficient implementation.
There is also this answer here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/645/is-there-a-big-website-using-q2a#a648
Gideon says he tests Q2A against a huge database.