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Hello, i have a problem,

i try to download the file and transfert to my server but the problem is again ???
edit : 
error on line 1 at column 6: XML declaration allowed only at the start of the document
I have a caracter before <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-15"?>

Edit2 : i have just edit : qa-feed.php to change in line 266
$lines[]='<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-15"?>';

my site is : http://faq.enligne.com

the exemple for my rss is : http://faq.enligne.com/feed/activity.rss

Thanx you for a solution

porhaps is a bad format to file, say me to repare this

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You seem to have an illegal character at the beginning of the XML file. When I view source in Chrome it shows a dot before <?xml

I copied that and searched the character map, turns out it's the character U+FEFF ZERO WIDTH NO BREAK SPACE. So it's likely a problem with file encoding or conversion. I think I had something like this before (not with Q2A, some other software) and I just went through all the files and hit delete on the first character to make sure there was no hidden character there.

You could also try searching the files using something like Notepad++ in case that character got in there somewhere. Or try converting the offending files all to the same encoding.

Thanx you DisgruntledGoat :D

the problem is (was) i edit my file in UTF-8 in notepad++ to put the french character (éèêù ...) and i omit to save after in ANSI ...

Now, my feed is ok AND my site is OK with IE (because the point was not good for IE to USE the CSS) ...

So, Thank again ...
My siteweb can start (only french question ^^)
Same problem for me. How exactly you solve this ?
You must save all file in ANSI mode and put them in your server ...
i use notepad ++ and "encodage" (french) in menu and put ANSI.