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When posting a question users have to fill-out a custom field. I would like this information to also appear in the subject of the e-mail notficaiton the administrators get. Is there a simple way to do that?

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Good question. But, unfortunately ther is no simple way. It will be necessary to hack programs below.

  1. qa_event_notify() in qa-include/qa-event-notify.php
  2. q_posted_subject in qa-include/qa-lang-emails.php

About 2:

You can override language phrase of Q2A core by using qa-lang/custom folder. Refer page below.
http://www.question2answer.org/translate.php >>> "Customizing selected URLs or phrases"

Create a qa-lang-*.php file in Q2A's qa-lang/custom directory, with the same name as the file that you found in the previous step, and paste in the following code:

In addition, my plugin may be helpful for you.

Good luck.