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A blocked user feels happy now — he just can't posts something.
But he can reads anything and even downloads the files!
Wrong politics I think.

I want to disable the files download for blocked users.
This is common practice in the forums. No files for hooligans!  wink

Any suggestions, please?

Q2A version: 1.8.0
What downloads are you exactly talking about?
OK. I use my own qa-external-users.php. It works fine.
BUT if I set on "master site" a user as "blocked", then he can't post but can read and downloads.

I talking about all the attached files that I was upload to my server.
All files that can be downloaded.

May be there is other way to control users rights? To show or not some content.
To allow or disallow download from site.

May be I can make a new group with limited rights: no read, no write, no downloads?
As if it is unregistered.

Can anonymous users read questions' or answers' content?
No. I switch it off.

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Okey . Maybe go at your cPanel

After this .put the IP block into the security/ IP blocker and check
No, sorry, wrong way! :)
I just want to disable the files download for blocked users.

I am ready to change or make code, help me a little.