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i have developed the q2a sitemap xml origin plugin

and fixed the problems i faced with it like (max urls per file setted to 50000) and sitemap cached

check the repo

Q2A version: 1.8 , 1.7.4
Can you do this?

the unanswered questions should not be included in sitemap and they should be blocked by search engines but should be visible to users
yes i can do this but i prefer to provide unanswered questions to search engines  to index it and when someone post comment and google index it again google will know that your content is active
in anywhere i will develop this option soon
for unanswered questions, Google takes it as thin content which affects SEO.
anyway google will index the question page if it provided in sitemap or not
i will developed the option soon in the upcoming 3 days
ok if Google index unanswered questions even they are not in sitemap,,, then how can I avoid indexing of unanswered questions any solution for that?
The only option is to generate <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX"> for such pages.
how to do that?
great! nice plugin, keep up good work! This feature is required in q2a default plugin also.
Does this plugin support Q2A 1.8.4 and php 7.2 ?

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