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Google webmastertools complains that many of my Q2A pages have duplicate title tags.  What happens really is that some of my questions (therefore page titles) have Greek (non ascii) characters and they are omited in the url.  

Somehow google thinks there are two pages, one with the greek chars and one without them.  In reallity there is only one page, the one without the greek chars.  

Please see screenshot.

both links result in this page:

and this is the canonical tag:
<link rel="canonical" href="https:// learn-greek-online.com/ask-greek/383/what-is">

How do I get rid of this problem?



It seems that Q2A makes a 302 redirection from this page:


to this page:


If it was a 301 redirect, everybody (google) would be happy.  I could track all the problematic urls and make the redirects in htaccess.  OR somebody can tell me how to change the core code and make the change there?

Any batter solution to the problem?

Q2A version: 1.8, beta1

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The best solution I found up to now is install this plugin:


It works for Greek characters.