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Hey Gideon,

I have a pretty popular Q2A site => http://pjs.co.il/qa

According the statistics in the admin panel, I got:


Total questions: 135
From users: 135
From anonymous: 0
Total answers: 202
From users: 202
From anonymous: 0
Total comments: 151
From users: 151
From anonymous: 0
Registered users: 139
Users who posted: 101
Users who voted: 23


I tried to add myself into the directory here:
several times in the past 2-3 month, since i passed the 100 questions mark.

Am I doing something wrong? Can you please assist me here?


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I checked and it looks like your site hadn't been approved. I'm not sure why but I fixed it now. BTW, I enjoyed your talk at Affilicon a couple of years back :)
Thanks a lot.

I'm enjoying using this great system and I'm translating currently the recent version to Hebrew (completing the missing phrases).

p.s. Copyscape rocks!!!