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I've looked at http://www.question2answer.org/wordpress.php but am still a bit confused.

I've a WPMU install. So, I've main site at domain.com and multi-sites inder domain.com/dir1 domain.com/dir2 etc.

Now, I want to create a subdomain and instal Q2A in a directory underneath it..i.e, I want to be able to access Q2A @ http://sub.domain.com/ask ... What should be the settings for such an install? Thank you.

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with WPMU it's a whole diffrent story. after it's normal integration you must first change "wp-config.php" so it will not load WP's Network definitions when it's called from Q2A, then it will need a core hack on WP to make it able to read cookies because Auth Cookie's hash created by WP is diffrent when network is enabled.