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I think Gideon will know where I'm coming from when I say that I think content is far more important than the platform itself; Question2Answer is a really great platform, and only getting greater, afaics.  But wouldn't it be great if we were to one-up SE by having an open directory sorted by categories where people could actually find Q2A sites on various topics?  The current directory seems more geared towards showcasing the software itself, which is great, but if it became a tool like Area51 where visitors could actually find content, wouldn't that be even greater?

This could potentially lead to a SSO for all sites in the directory, and an accumulated reputation, similar to Area51, network profile, etc.  It might eventually lead to something similar to Area51 itself, where inclusion into the directory became subject to peer review, fulfillment of usage criteria, etc.

It's a lot of work, and I guess a fair amount of it would have to fall on Gideon's shoulders; maybe there is some way to delegate the work?  Maybe the community could set up a separate site, or Gideon could give over a subdomain to the community to work on the directory?

Just thoughts, what do others think?

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Good idea but I was wondering as how the whole thing will work as Q2A is not designed to support stackexchange with multiple directories from a single domain?


I think q2A shall set up a paidf exchange as well where users can ask for paid components as well as support.
I think you misunderstood my idea... it's not that every Q2A site will be a directory, but that question2answer.org might be have a more content-oriented directory of Q2A sites.
No I got your point. You want to have stackexchange here so that we can have those models like diy, apple, maths etc etc but then key question is as what is core of Q2A - software or content curation ? and both are diff ball game if so to speak as if you notice , things like diy.stackexchange.com are not doing as well as stacksoverflow as key guys dont have reputation there.
Ah, okay.  No, I wasn't thinking of diy.question2answer.org, just a categorized directory.  The whole SSO / network rep thing is just an idea for the future; it could work similar to drupal's network sign-on (though I never used it)... any Q2A site could optionally accept sign-ons via question2answer.org, which would then access (and update) their network reputation.  Anyway, that's all speculative, and very much up to Gideon.  On the other hand, it could all be done with plugins and a separate site maintained by the community.
what is drupal network sign on ? dont know though I manage a large drupal powered website,
 I got your idea so all q2a powered websites content can be listed there and that can be some thing like baordreader or something?
Funny, I can't find anything about it on drupal now... maybe they dropped it?  it was that people could use their drupal.org login to login to any drupal site.  OpenID, I guess...

No, not like Boardreader, though maybe that would be interesting... I was just thinking of SSO, but with network profiles and network reputation (total reputation across the network), etc.  Just thoughts.  Most important is the directory, I think.
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Good idea in general. I think it would be cool to have some kind of voting on sites in the directory, to allow better ones to float to the top. The Q2A Q&A for example is quite low down on the current list.

There are also some nice ones with good custom designs further down the list. And while it's great there are Q2A sites in many languages, to be honest I personally only care about English sites.