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Something like this is showing while I try to login. 

I have removed all the plugins and only the stock ones are there. Only the stock theme is used but still this issue is showing.

Q2A version: 1.8-beta1
Do you have the HTML compression option on in qa-config.php? If the server is also gzipping HTML then it could be double-encoding it. Try setting the option to false.
But no such option is enabled. I just setup this website as a normal Q2A installation. Nothing has been changed.
What encoding is being returned by the server? Do you have an online link? If not try loading the page in Chrome with the Developer Tools open. Click the first request on the left, then look at the Headers tab on the right and look for "Content-Type" under Response Headers.
I removed the previous Q2A installation completely and then uploaded Q2A 1.8-beta1. Then I put HTML compression to false as you said and now the website is working fine. Maybe that issue was due to gzipping on the server side but, I am not sure of that.

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