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Anyone who creates themes or plugins for Q2A:  I think there is a BIG market for making Q2A more wordpress compatible.  Wordpress is huge, and it's written in PHP as well.  Yes currently it integrates I guess with SSO.  But if I REALLY want to connect it to Wordpress, it's not possible.

Users like everything in one place, and for everything to connect that makes sense.  The only way Q2A connects to Wordpress, is the single sign on.  If I want it to connect to popular plugins like MyCRED or Ultimate Member, it's not possible.  

Idk what the going rate is for connecting platforms to other plugins, but I'd be willing to pay an amount if someone can achieve this (especially if you can hook it so that Q&A integrates with Ultimate Member profiles).  Furthermore, I think whoever is behind this plugin, if they wanted to make Q2A a Wordpress-First plugin, or branch it over to that, I think it'd be way more popular and lucrative.  

Please message me your price if you can make Q2A Ultimate Member compatible. Thanks!

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I also feel the same. I have checked almost all question and answer plugins for wordpress but none match Q2A. I am not a coder and I dont have a programming knowledge but I hope some one will rise up amongst us and give us even more flexibility...
Thanks Scott and others who are helping to keep Q2A alive.

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Wordpress has thousands if not millions of plugins, so it simply isn’t possible to support them all.

Q2A has an extensive plugin and SSO system, if you have particular Wordpress auth plugins you’ll need to work yourself to support them, they won’t be supported in core Q2A, sorry.
Do you know how hard it'd be for a programmer to fork it over to make it an actual wordpress plugin.  Just to have the the user profile be connected to the wordpress core user profile would be a huge improvement.  I just think if Q2A was converted into a true WP plugin, the amount of downloads would skyrocket.
Can you explain in more detail what you mean? The user profiles of WP and Q2A *are* connected with the standard SSO.
Sorry for very late reply :D -- was saying that it'd be great as a true WP plugin. So easily integrated inside a theme, etc. Something that people could download and activate with a click of a button.
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Well, everyone like WordPress there is no doubt. However, when it comes to.interesting q2a with WordPress, I have made a WordPress plugin before as well as some snippets. It was not so advanced but back and forth some content.

That time I realized that it is if not impossible but quite difficult to integrate q2a with WordPress in such a way so both can leverage each other's features and functionality.

The reason might not the WordPress but the Q2A. WordPress has a great API which allows devwlopers to do almost anything they can think of. Unfortunately, Q2A doesn't have that flexible API yet and you may have to modify core to implement some feature. For instance user roles.

I am a WordPress and Q2A developer and already tried to combine both but stock at one point where I found some constraints in Q2A. I am still open to go ahead with this idea with the paid job but honestly, to achieve what you are looking for, this may or may not required touching the core which is not good at all for future updates.

Please provide me exact details what you are looking for. So if it is possible than I would love to work on this project.

You can PM me further details or email ID for further communication.

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What do you mean about user roles? You should be able to do that with Q2A.
Thanks Scott. That's great.