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I have 250mb MySQL space.

How many questions and answers can be added?
You can move images to disk if DB space is an issue. If you do so, I guess 250 MB will be good enough for about 40k posts -- just an approximate guess.

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It depends on many factors, if you allow images/files upload then 250MB is very less. Also depends of question/answer detail. more text, more space is required. If you feel it is not enough then better move to some reliable host.

Can we create our own uploader, if the image is the issue and store image to other domain?
possible but it will be hard for you to maintain going forward.
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My database is currently at 315MB and holds about 175,000 posts in total.

The problem with saving images to disk and not the database, is you then also have to save avatars to disk. Which means if you run out of database space, you have a difficult job moving avatars to your new setup. And things get messy.

What I have done is save avatars to the database and set up an image uploader that saves to disk independently.

In my case wrong. I just point a link to the archived site.
That is nice. Thanks.
Not a problem.
@ arjunsuresh, Cloudflare is also very good, it has more CDN locations(I guess 118) compared to Amazon CloudFront(100). Make sure CDN server is close to visitors of your site.

also keep checking CDN performance regularly.

I tried Akamai, CloudFront and Cloudflare they all are excellent.
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when a transfer is made. What folders should be moved? which are users and questions?
The folder is set in the config file. Typically at root using the folder name 'images'. Which then holds images including avatars. You also need to go into the Stats page in the Admin Panel and set to save to disk.