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I'm new and just want the most basic way to do this, whether it's pre-populating database with questions as Gid suggested in 2011, or a reference I saw that said one could require a user to achieve a certain number of (high) points before allowing them to create tags, BUT I DON'T SEE A CONFIGURATION OPTION FOR THIS.  I see one post on developing a plug-in but I don't have skills to do this.

What is the simplest way to get 10 tags into the database, and not allow users to add any more?

Here's Gid's comments from years ago: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/4732/how-could-use-categories-and-tags-from-own-instead-those-q%26a?show=4736#a4736

Here's a feature that apparently doesn't exist:  http://www.question2answer.org/qa/51258/you-need-100-points-to-create-new-tags-how-to-disable-it
Q2A version: 1.7.5 LATEST

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Gideon's link is irrelevant to the issue you have. You might prefer to read this other link (http://www.question2answer.org/qa/11611). In there Gideon mentions the core accepts a new module type that allows plugins to hook in the question creation process.

Interestingly, Scotts' plugin has the feature you're looking for right there as he implemented in his plugin the filter Gideon mentioned in the link above. I thought it only aimed at handling tag duplication but it also limits tags' creation. This is the link to the plugin: https://github.com/svivian/q2a-tagging-tools

please see update to the question, providing the links.
I imagine quite a few users of q2a want to limit OR CONTROL the number of tags that there are, keeping the set small and non-duplicating if possible.   StackExchange of course limits this as well on their sites.
It seems Scott's plugin actually has the feature. I also updated my answer based on your question update
Thanks, I've done no coding in php and no plugins.  How hard will this one be to make work in the current release?  

Are you able to show me what I need to do ... to fully answer the question?  Do I need to pay you a little?
No need. Scott has already implemented the feature in the plugin. Check the link. I also added a screenshot I just took after installing it. The feature is right there. You could donate something to him for the time and effort he invested on it :)
thanks for your help ... isn't it for a 1.8 release, not the 1.7.5 release?   Does that matter?
Just install it. It doesn't matter. Worst case scenario you delete it and that's it
not it if it doesn't work, then I'm at square 1.  Can you try it since you've suggested it, and see if it introduces bugs.  I'm new to using both features and plugins, please.
I have already tried it (I took the screenshot from there) and it is filtering the questions with new tags if my user doesn't have enough points. Just put the plugin's directory in the qa-plugin directory and that's it
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It is already limited to 5tags in default installation. If you want to add more tags then admin->posting->Maximum number of tags:
isn't that limiting the number of tags per person, not the total number of tags.  Please don't put in an answer if it is incorrect, as it might limit others from helping.