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While developing the new version of the Muffin theme I made some major style changes to the Badges plugin which were directly implemented on the theme.
But after Gurjyot's idea, (shout-out to @Gurjyot Singh) I decided, why not implement these changes directly to the plugin instead and make it available for everybody.

So that's what I did. I grabbed all the styles I was designing, implemented some fixes to the plugin and created "my version" of the plugin or "Unofficial Update" if you will, so you can use it too.

What did I change?

  • Default badges styles are now implemented in a separate .css file instead.
  • Badges styles are fully redesigned.
  • Mobile ready styles.
  • Added Javascript algorithm to group Badges by "topics" on Badges page.
  • Added supported styles for Right-To-Left Themes.
  • Fixed badges not appearing next to the User on question lists and next to the Loggedin text on the navigation bar.

Want a light color scheme for the badges? No worries, just add the following code to the usual Badge css stylesheet by navigating to Admin -> Plugins -> Badges -> Badge css stylesheet, and you'll be allright:

.badge-bronze, .badge-silver, .badge-gold {
    background-color: #eee;
    color: #000;

Get the Plugin here GitHub Q2A Badges
Here's a live preview and also some Screenshots down below.

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Badges on profile page:

Badges on profile page (Right-To-Left):

Badges on profile page (Mobile): 

I didn't know if I should call it version 4.9 or 4.9.1 @Gurjyot, so I went with 4.9 . Hope that's fine buddy.
Hit me up @NoahY so we can make it official on your repository ;)‚Äč

Q2A version: 1.7.5 - 1.8.0beta
Wonderful job :) Unfortunately NoahY is no longer here. So, you may please maintain your branch on Github and this can be added to the Q2A page.
Thank you @ArjunSuresh I appreciate it :)
I've been using badges plugin for a while and only found out this topic recently. Thanks so much for sharing this updated version. Looks amazing!

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Fantastic update! this design is cool. Keep up good work!

NoahY is no longer working on Q2A/Plugins so please keep updating your version of badges plugin on github. This is one of the most popular Q2A plugin.
Thank you @ProThoughts :)
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Great update, I will add this to my site.

Just one question: have You got a plan to add gaining points by unlocking new badges by users?

Thank you Peter. That's a cool idea, but unfortunately no, there's no plans in developing such thing in the near future.
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Very nice updated plugin! Thanks....